Solutions For Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Unified underlying IT-infrastructure

    Unified underlying IT-infrastructure

    Base set of IT infrastructure services for your company. Provides core functionality to cover IT needs of most companies while allowing future growth and deployment of new products and technologies.

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  • Private cloud infrastructure development

    Private cloud infrastructure development

    Often IT-department is perceived as a wasteful department though in practice just this department provides basis for effective work of present day organization. The problem is that commonly only expenditures for IT-infrastructure are taken into account and its services cannot be counted. This fact disturbs not only IT-department for which it is difficult to prove new expenses for development and maintenance of systems but also users for which it is difficult to receive service of required quality in time.

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  • Management of identification and key information life-cycles

    Management of identification and key information life-cycles

    With the growth of an every enterprise IT-department and department of Information Security face the task of providing security of information assets. User’s credentials, their identification and key information can be referred to as such assets. For solving such tasks systems of users’ identification and key information management are widely applied.

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