Corporate mobility

In the current context support of efficient and secure work on mobile devices of different platforms, manufacturers and form-factors is the required basis for efficient work of employees at any company. IT-industry refers to such devices as to efficient additions to common work scenarios of mobile users being commonly associated with a notebook and installed “thick” clients for access to corporate applications.

The task of efficient management and control over using mobile devices in corporate IT-landscape is the very complicated task even today and further its complexity will permanently grow.

For the solution we will help to develop “road map” and to implement all components required to provide corporate mobility. As a result of corporate mobility solutions implementation IT and security departments in any organization will be able to provide following features:

  • Mobile device management including software management on mobile devices and centralized publishing corporate applications;
  • Mobile devices security management (first of all providing secure access and storing work documents);
  • Developing applications (interfaces for business applications) customized for form-factor and a way of work with specific mobile device, i.e. developing a set of IT-services which will be able to provide efficient tools for controlling and managing different users’ mobile devices.

Such “road map” will be able to provide realization of all kinds of business scenarios among which the most popular ones are the following:

  • E-mail and audio-video communications;
  • Work with documents;
  • Access to business applications from mobile devices;
  • Access to corporate reporting.