Clearway Integration provides warranty support in accordance with the following principles:

  • The guarantee consists of eliminating of the mistakes made in the course of Services providing, free for the Customer.
  • The warranty is valid for a limited period. A period, during which the Customer can report errors, is considered as the warranty period. The warranty period does not include time necessary to correct the mistakes.
  • For the majority of services provision contracts the guarantee support period does not exceed six (6) months from the deed of the system transferal into the industrial operation signing date, or the accountant services acceptance deed.

Warranty cases are:

  • Lack of functional, clearly formulated in the document “Requirements Specification” for which there is a clear indication in the contract with the Customer. The description of all the quantitative parameters and rules of operation of the functional in the form that does not allow ambiguous interpretations is understood as the formulation of the functional. The inability to use a parameter or a violation of the rule shall not be considered as a mistake in the absence of an explicit option or rule description in the «Requirements Specification”.
  • Implementation of functionality out of accordance with the wording of the document “Requirements Specification” - the discrepancy between the implementation of actual formulas, methods of data extraction / storage, business rules, rules of information mapping and rules of interaction between user and program, and requirements clearly fixed in the “Requirements Specification”;
  • System malfunctions caused by errors of the code developed by the Contractor;
  • System malfunctions caused by the system settings performed by the Contractor or in accordance with his written recommendations.

The cases herebelow shall not be considered as warranty:

  • All works related to the operation of the system or its adjacent systems;
  • All works related to the restoration of the system or individual components of the system after a failure caused by operation of the system by the customer, especially in case of violation of manuals or outside the operating procedures;
  • Execution of works on updating the software included in the SMAI system or its individual components;
  • Errors due to changes in the basic system functionality made by the manufacturer within the framework of the software update released by the manufacturer to be installed by the Customer or by the Contractor;
  • Errors and other defects arising out of or in consequence of failures in the software or equipment of third persons used by the Customer or the Contractor in providing the Services. Contractor will make reasonable efforts to formalize and describe the detected errors. Furthermore, the Contractor shall be entitled to request the Customer to compensate costs incurred by the Contractor for the formalization and description of such error. The Customer is entitled to make a claim on the basis of the existing rules and / or agreements for the manufacturer of automation tools, software or equipment involving the Contractor to provide an opinion on the nature and cause of the failures as an expert on a reimbursable basis;
  • Program code errors caused by changes in the code  by the experts of the Customer;
  • System malfunction caused by incorrect settings produced by the Customer’s experts;
  • Solutions functionality modification proposed and approved by the Customer in the course of the project.

The following conditions must be met in the implementation of system warranty support:

  • A list of warranty cases may be extended only in case of conclusion of a contract for the advanced technical support payable provision. Subject and conditions for the advanced technical support payable provision shall be determined by the Parties separately in a Supplementary Agreement;
  • When applying for warranty service the Customer must provide a detailed description of the error;
  • Contractor should be able to reproduce the problem in the infrastructure of the Customer or the Customer must provide the reproducibility of an error or failure on his own;
  • The time of request acceptance confirmation for processing by the Contractor is weekdays 4:00. If the request is made at the weekend, the request acceptance confirmation for processing by the Contractor shall be at the first business day.

The process of warranty support management consists of the following steps:

  • The Customer makes a request for guarantee support by sending a letter (request) with a detailed description of the problem applying screenshots of errors, events, event logs;
  • The Contractor is obliged to inform the customer about taking the request into work within 4 hours (on business days), if necessary, to request additional information and to inform assessment of the period within which a decision on the issue will be given, as well as an action plan for the provision of this support;
  • If unable to diagnose the problem remotely, the Contractor agrees with the Customer the date and time of departure at the Customer’s premises. The Customer provides the unhindered access to the system or its components, the rights required to view and edit the settings, the program code of the system or its components, as well as a workplace for the problem diagnostics and analysis at the approved time. As a part of the diagnostic the Contractor decide together with the Customer whether the case is warranty or not, and on what grounds;
  • If the case is deemed warranty, the Contractor is obliged to eliminate the problem at its own expense within the deadlines agreed with the Customer;
  • If the case is deemed non-warranty, the Contractor may claim compensation from the Customer for all costs incurred to analyze and diagnose problems. The Contractor can assess and give recommendations to the problem elimination wherein;

All requests for warranty support should be confirmed by Warranty Support Services Deed signed by both Parties. If the Customer does not give to the Contractor the motivated refusal to accept the warranty services within 3 working days since the date he received the Contractor’s notification on the warranty support completion, the warranty support is considered provided efficiently and within the agreed time.