Working with major customers in geographically dispersed projects has strengthened our assurance that employing skilled technical specialists with great work experience is not enough to guarantee successful project realization. Meeting deadlines, effective allocating available resources, and saving and applying our own practice require well advised approach to carrying out and managing projects.

Our team is project based that allows us accurate planning and quick responding to all changes in working process. We have created our own approach to projects management and realization based on widely recognized methodologies such as PMBok, MSF and partially ITIL/MOF.

The customer can appreciate our team competence at the stage of presale project preparation. Price of consulting services opposed to common goods price is configured in more complicated way and depends on labor contribution and risks of the service provider. For correct risks estimation and subsequently the whole services price a strong experience in such projects realization is required. Our company engages sales managers together with technical specialists of corresponding areas for presale project preparation providing appropriate estimation. We use automated calculators providing quick estimations for standard projects.

Standard stages of our projects realization are the following:

  1. Research and design definition;
  2. Design and development of solution documentation;
  3. Testing solution and means of its integration or migration to the solution;
  4. Stabilizing solution (pilot implementation and operational testing);
  5. Solution implementation, migration and training.

At the stage of research we use automated tools (both generally available and developed in our company), inquiry schedules adjusted for each specific project and direct interview of customer’s specialists. On the basis of gathered data we analyze risks and prepare high-level concept solution.

The concept solution prepared at the first stage is detailed at the stage of design. Backup and restoring of critical systems that can be affected during project realization is being planned. Together with main project solutions development documentation is developed at the stage of design.

We do not turn to the stage of solution implementation to real environment until the solution is completely tested in the sandbox environment. Testing includes two main areas of focus:

  • testing functionality of solutions developed at the stage of solution design;
  • testing compatibility of available environment (applications being critical for business and other elements of infrastructure).

We are especially proud of our methodology of testing impact of developed components and processes on existing business processes. This methodology has allowed us to implement solutions directly affecting such critical applications as cellular provider billing system or dealing day system in one of top banks successfully.

After updating project solutions based on testing results we begin to implement solution to real environment by steps. At this stage we adhere to principle of minimal impact to the existing infrastructure and end users. During implementation stage we share all information and experience obtained during working with project with customer’s specialists. For this purpose we can carry on one- or two-day training geared to the specified infrastructure, organize laboratory works in virtual environment and examine specialists for acquired knowledge and skills.

At all stages we tend to optimize our work by using such tools as CRM-systems for handling transactions, registering incidents and working with them, audio-video conferencing enabling connecting external users, thoroughly designed documents templates and many other tools and means.